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I will post my notes during the production process.

For organizing in the head,

It is a transcription of what I recorded talking alone.

As for the title SOUP, why did I choose SOUP? One of the biggest experiences for me was last June when I went to Madrid, Spain for a dance residency. I stayed there for 10 days, created a piece, put an audience in the studio and performed, and after that I traveled around Spain at my own expense. So I was there for a whole month, but I was wandering alone in a place I didn't know. At that time, I felt that it was easier to feel when I went abroad because I was away from my daily life, but my body and mind became more and more open and comfortable. . From Madrid you go to Barcelona and then go south to Valencia. So, I went to Andalusia in the south, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, and also stopped by a small town on the way. So, when I was in Cordoba, and that's why the trip was quite late, last year it was extremely hot due to the abnormal weather in Europe. Even so, I was walking around a lot, and I was getting tired. I had already looked around a lot, and I wasn't in a rush to go sightseeing, so when I was tired from walking around the city, I would go back to the hotel, or go out in the evening when it was cool again.

Cordoba was a city that I really liked, and there was a big river called the Guadalquivir River. The Mezquita of a mosque, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site, is across the river, and when I was drowsy looking at it, the wind blew in from the other side, and I thought it felt good and made me hungry. The feeling was on the same line. It's the same... I don't know, there was no difference between the outside and the inside between these two senses. I was so moved by it, this is very difficult to put into words. It was difficult, but I was very moved by it. Until then, I didn't really have that feeling. Inside and outside were different. That's why at that time, I thought that I could feel the feeling of being in the wind as an inner feeling of being hungry, and being hungry was not my personal, narrow thing. It felt like something that was spreading out even more. Somehow it was really good. At that time, I thought that I finally had this kind of feeling. At that time, I really thought that I should not forget this feeling even if I go back to Japan. It's quite difficult. I try not to forget it in my head. I think it's difficult to have that feeling, to be in that state.

That's one thing.


The other thing is that due to the effects of covid-19, Corona, we are in a completely different situation from the rest of the year. I thought. It is said to be a droplet infection. But I wasn't that conscious about human droplets. I wouldn't like it if someone sneezed in my direction, but that many people's droplets... I'm really thinking now that so many people are living in harmony with each other. There are so many other people involved in how I live my life. Of course, I know that I am not living alone, but people who I am not even aware of are involved in my life at zero point. I feel that human beings live in such a mixed way. I'm really thinking now that it's not just humans, it's all mixed together and living.

These two are big.


Living mixed together I have personally experienced living mixed together helplessly.


Somehow, I felt that it was quite a big deal, so I wanted to do this, so I gave it the title SOUP. So, the title, SOUP, came to mind when I was reading a book. Maybe, I was reading a book called "Plant Life Philosophy". It's a lot of fun, and I'm influenced by what's written there. Life came up on land because plants came up on land and created air. That's what it said. The sea is the root of life. It is said to be the soup of life, but when the plants rise to the land, the air is born, and the plants turn the land into the soup of life. That's what it said.

The land also lives by sharing the soup of life, the air. It's helplessly mixed. Everything on land is mixed, air is also a by-product of other life activities of plants, so we depend on other life even for breathing. Breathing is the first and absolutely essential activity of living, but from the very first step it depends on others. It's already mixed together helplessly, that feeling. .


Córdoba's is the feeling of wanting to accept the world inside himself, and the current situation is that the world is coming into him no matter what, and he wants to mix and is afraid of mixing.


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