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Mizukoshi Tomo

Tomo Mizukoshi

Born in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Graduated from J. F. Oberlin University, School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in theater. Studied under Kuniko Kisanuki from the time she was in school.

Started solo dance activities in 2014. Dance performances are held in various places such as theaters, art spaces, and private houses in mountain villages.

In addition to solo dance activities, he has appeared in many works by Akira Kasai and participated in domestic and international tours.

She has also appeared in the works of Mizutake Kasai, Naoka Uemura, Chie Ito, and Wataru Kitao.

In addition, he is active in a wide range of activities, pursuing expressions that can be done with his own body, such as holding an independent project "KAIKOH PROJECT" that invites various artists regardless of genre, and appearing in theater, models, and video works.

Yokohama Dance Collection 2017 Competition I Finalist.

Received the 2nd Solo Dancer Festival 2018 Grand Prize.


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, 1988.

Mar.2011: BA in

Theater and Dance Program in its College of 

Visual and Performing Arts,JFOberlin University,Tokyo, Japan. Studied with Kuniko KISANUKI, and met Akira KASAI while a student, 

after graduation,  participated 

in many of his works and took part in tours in Japan and abroad. 

In addition,  participapted in the works of Mitsutake KASAI, Naoka UEMURA, Chie ITO and more. 

Finalist in Yokohama Dance Competition2017 I.  

Prized highest award of  Festival Solo Danza 2018.

Launched her independent KAIKOH PROJECT in 2015 and has also been expanding her range of activities to include performances in various ways,

such as video direction and actor..

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